Sondheim Lecture

24 02 2010

I am TA’ing for the first time this quarter (Theater 110, musical theater history with Gary Gardner), and I gave my first lecture today: 2 hours on Stephen Sondheim!  I’m uploading the powerpoint for my students and anyone else who may be interested in taking a glance.  The slideshow itself isn’t that exciting, but it’s informational.  (Yes, I did actually show Seth Rudetsky’s deconstruction of “A Weekend in the Country” when talking about A Little Night Music.  It was probably the highlight of the class!)

Sondheim History

I will be seeing two shows on UCLA’s campus this weekend: the MFA departmental production of Charles Mee’s Fire Island and the Act III production of Sweet Charity. Since I know many of the creative team and cast in both shows, I don’t think reviewing them on my blog would be quite fair.  Instead, I’ll give them both a nice little plug here.  I especially want to share how exciting it was to hear part of Sweet Charity‘s sitzprobe this past weekend.  They have a 20-piece orchestra – bigger than you get on Broadway nowadays.  The sound is stunning, and I know the production is sure to match!

Tickets for Fire Island, running this Tuesday through Saturday, are available at Central Ticket Office (CTO) or online:

Tickets for Sweet Charity, running this Saturday and Sunday, are free for UCLA students/faculty/staff and only $15 otherwise; they are available at CTO or online.  I’ve been working with many of the Act III Board recently: these truly are the producers, directors, choreographers, actors, and other theatrical creatives of the future.  Support some incredible talent this weekend:




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